Painting and Decorating in Surrey

MGE Building Solutions offers a complete high quality painting and decorating service in Guildford, Woking, Weybridge and the surrounding areas. With the help of our quality team, we have built a positive reputation in the area. We are a team of committed professional workers, who are here to provide you the best services in decorating and painting. Many people consider the painting and decorating job to be an easy task, but they understand how difficult it is once they have started. This leads to them spending more money than they have assigned to the task, and most of the times they give up halfway.  With the help of our painting and decorating services, you can have the work done in no time, and stay within your budget.


Our team of qualified and experienced decorators can help take care of both indoor & outdoor painting and decorating. It does not matter how small of big the job is, we are well equipped to handle various sizes of projects. The services mentioned below are what we offer, but are not limited to:


●     Preparation and Painting - from preparing the walls indoors and outdoors, we offer only the best preparation work as we know a good preparation is the secret to a great paint job. Our trained professionals will take over the entire painting task, from start till the end.

●     Wallpapering - if you feel like it is time for a wallpaper upgrade, you can call our team in for a consultation. Choosing a wallpaper is not easy, as you need to chose the one that blends in with the theme of your house or room perfectly. Our decorator will be more than happy to give you an input on the matter and then our team will take care of everything from old wallpaper removal to applying on the new one.

●     Wood Floor Varnishing and Sanding - with our expert wood floor sanding and varnishing services, you can take years off your floors. There are so many times when your old wood just needs a little touch up, and there is no need to actually replace the entire wood and waste thousands of pounds.

●     Plastering - our plastering specialist can offer you services which include, but are not limited to, dry lining & skimming, Screeding and full wall to ceiling repairs. We even offer general plastering, to any area of your house.

●     Colour and Design Consultancy - our team of professionals is available to sit down and talk about the colour and design choices you are about to make. You can give them a general idea of what you would like to see, and they will give you feedback regarding the concerns they have. Think of them as a soundboard, you can talk to them openly, and once you hear your ideas being discussed you can easily refine them. Our main purpose is to give you what you want, with a bit of refinement and ideas. A healthy discussion with our team can lead to spectacular choices.

These are a few of the services we carry out when it comes to painting and decorating, but keep in mind that these are not the services we are limited to. If your request is different than the services mentioned above, please feel free to give us a call, and our customer service representative will guide you accordingly.

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