Planning and Design in Surrey

MGE Building Solutions offers a complete planning and design service in Guildford, Woking, and the surrounding areas. With the help of our team’s artistic qualifications, and their natural eye for design; we believe we can offer you the best planning and design services in the area. We have architecture specialists in our team, to give you all the help you will need.


Our team of experts is here to give you the best advice possible, keeping in mind your situation. We offer a client a sit down with our planning and designing team so they can come up with the perfect plan. Our well trained team will listen to your ideas, and help you develop them into something that not only looks good, but is also structurally perfect. We will be working with you in every step of the way, and will try to provide you with advice on each matter as it comes up.


Our planning specialist will come up with a beautiful and cost effective plan, keeping in mind your ideas at all times. Once the plan has been reviewed, edited, and approved we will move forward.


When creating the perfect living space for you and your family, we will focus on conceptualising the best idea for you, keeping in mind various aspects. Our home consultation visit will help us get a better visual on the matter at hand. This will help us plan and design accordingly, and it will be easier to decide important factors; such as:


●     What is the best internal layout design for your home?

●     What issues will act as a barrier in the plan?

●     What permits/regulations will have to be approved?

●     What is the rough estimate?

●     How long will it take to complete the project?

These are a few examples of how crucial a home visit is, and how it will help us design and plan the perfect house for you. With the help of our qualified, professional, experienced, and well equipped team.

With our experienced team of planning and design consultants, and architectural designers; we are here to offer your helpful services. We are here to assist you from the beginning where ideas will be formed, through the building process, and till the final touch ups. Our main aim is to offer you the best planning and designing services available, at an affordable cost. It does not matter if you are looking for a traditional or a modern style our team is fully knowledgeable on both matters. We have covered all the areas that you will require during this planning and design phase, as we wish to have all the answers to your questions.


We aim for high customer satisfaction rate, and we achieve that by including you in our team. Our input and designs will have the same value, and it will be discussed within the team. This is your dream house we are planning and designing, and there is no way we are leaving you on the outside to watch while we take over. Call us now, and join our team in planning and designing your house!

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